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Eight Months – And No, I’m Not “Over” Him Yet

You’ve been gone almost 8 months.  Much of the time I can pretend that you’re away, or at work or something, and not think about what really happened.  That way I can block the pain. But too often, and usually … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on the Case of Michelle Carter, Who At Age 17 Convinced Her 18 Year Old Boyfriend to Suicide

https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2017/06/05/read-the-messages-at-the-heart-of-the-michelle-carter-suicide-by-text-manslaughter-trial The link above is to the Boston.com article on the trial of Michelle Carter, who has waived a jury trial in a sad, tragic and ultimately horrific case of a 17 year old girl who convinced her 18 year … Continue reading

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The Slam of the Day Does Not Define You

It’s been one of those days… Aside from the usual day to day stuff that can put one in an irritable mood if one lets it (cold drizzly rain, too much to do, not having the correct paperwork with you … Continue reading

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He Died of Depression

I’ve been commenting on a Facebook thread in which the original poster wrote: The quickest and easiest way for [me] to start a flame war in the comments section? By writing down [my] real opinion about the use of “medication” … Continue reading

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No Group Meeting Saturday, May 6

There will be no group meeting Saturday evening, May 6th as the facilitator has another commitment.  Hope to see you next week! My apologies for any inconvenience or difficulties this may present.  If you are in immediate need of help … Continue reading

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Contracting for Safety i.e. a No Suicide Contract – Does It Work?

  Back in the 1990s and earlier, “contracting for safety” was very common.   Someone would present as potentially suicidal and a mental health worker would gain either verbal or written agreement (a “no suicide contract”) that the person would not … Continue reading

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Profits from Two Businesses to Help Fund The Warrior Project

  John and I owned both a small antiques shop and a used bookstore in Lewiston, Maine. After John died, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the two shops – they take up a huge amount of … Continue reading

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