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Thoughts on Addressing the Roots of the School Shootings…

  https://mystudentapt.com/2015/10/06/theres-a-way-to-stop-mass-shootings-and-you-wont-like-it/ The link above is to a blog offering some ideas, that I believe are a good start to addressing the problem of angry, isolated, disenfranchised young men. Underneath most anger is the loneliness the blog’s author is talking … Continue reading

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Profits to Benefit The Grief Warrior Project

  As some may know, Johnny and I owned an antiques shop called Heritage Collectibles (https://heritagecollectiblesmaine.com). We also had a small used book store called Heritage Books, Maps & Ephemera, that John had spent many happy hours pulling together, completing it … Continue reading

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Scammers Preying on Widows

It never fails to amaze me how so many women (and some men) fall for scammers.  Whether it’s an elderly person who gets a call from an unknown person saying his grandson is in jail and needs bail money (sometimes … Continue reading

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What It’s Like to Grieve

  I found this on a grief support group.  The person who posted it said she didn’t remember who the author was or where it came from. Although it was written by a woman who lost her husband, almost everything … Continue reading

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Managing Anger So It Doesn’t Manage You

Too often grief manifests as anger toward the deceased. I haven’t really been angry at John for leaving me or for some of the shitty things he did while alive, because I understand why he did what he did. Every … Continue reading

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Tonight I Screamed at My Husband

Tonight I screamed at my husband.  SCREAMED at him. I was furious.  I was beyond furious.  I howled my rage from the depths of my very cells, with an erupting fury that surely reached to the nearest stars.  My voice … Continue reading

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