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No Support Groups Until October

Ladies, you know how it is when you go on vacation – the house has to be spotless before you leave because no one wants to come home to a mess.  Right? Well, with my first biological grandchild due any … Continue reading

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His Belongings Still Belong

It’s been 9 1/2 months and I haven’t moved John’s clothing from our closet, his winter jackets from the mudroom, his LL Bean hiking vest with all its pockets from the sofa in the sun room where he left it, … Continue reading

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I Didn’t See It Happening…

With the antiques shop & used book store John and I started and that I’m now running on my own, my social work job, my volunteer activities – and my frequent grief-stricken meltdowns – I don’t do much that’s particularly … Continue reading

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Eight Months – And No, I’m Not “Over” Him Yet

You’ve been gone almost 8 months.  Much of the time I can pretend that you’re away, or at work or something, and not think about what really happened.  That way I can block the pain. But too often, and usually … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on the Case of Michelle Carter, Who At Age 17 Convinced Her 18 Year Old Boyfriend to Suicide The link above is to the article on the trial of Michelle Carter, who has waived a jury trial in a sad, tragic and ultimately horrific case of a 17 year old girl who convinced her 18 year … Continue reading

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No Group, Tuesday May 30

There will be no support group on Tuesday, May 30. The facilitator has been delayed at her day job with a social work issue and will be unable to make it on time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may … Continue reading

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The Slam of the Day Does Not Define You

It’s been one of those days… Aside from the usual day to day stuff that can put one in an irritable mood if one lets it (cold drizzly rain, too much to do, not having the correct paperwork with you … Continue reading

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