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I Can’t Sleep Because I’m Angry

[Note: I wrote this last night; finally the exhaustion from all the emotions kicked in and I was able to get about 7 hours of sleep.] Once again I find it impossible to sleep despite being bone-tired. Although generally I … Continue reading

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Managing Anger So It Doesn’t Manage You

Too often grief manifests as anger toward the deceased. I haven’t really been angry at John for leaving me or for some of the shitty things he did while alive, because I understand why he did what he did. Every … Continue reading

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Tonight I Screamed at My Husband

Tonight I screamed at my husband.  SCREAMED at him. I was furious.  I was beyond furious.  I howled my rage from the depths of my very cells, with an erupting fury that surely reached to the nearest stars.  My voice … Continue reading

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